People eat outside all the time for one reason or another. You grabbed something from a food truck, you decided to take the joint up on their luxurious patio, you enjoy eating in the sunshine and outside cause it's too crowded and congested inside, etc.

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There's also camping, barbecues, receptions, graduation parties. All reasons for folks to throw a shindig and eat outside. Usually under a tent. There might be a dj.

But when was the last time you went on a legit picnic?

Complete with an official picnic basket? Or should I say "pic-a-nick basket" ala Yogi Bear?

I'm talking picnic basket, blanket, plates, sandwiches, the whole works.

You can get really fancy with them and have your very own ultimate picnic.

They come in a lot of varieties. Including your favorite school colors.

But the perfect picnic basket does not complete your task. You also need the perfect spot.

We did all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. We took some time and some pictures and gathered up the best places for a summer picnic on MSU's campus.

We're sure you'll recognize a lot of these places, have walked past them, and maybe not even given them a second thought.

Or, like they were hiding in plain sight, you never considered these spots picnic worthy.

And maybe, these are new to you and now you've got JUST THE SPOT to take that special someone this summer for a nice little outing.

You set the mood when you set the picnic table. It's nice, it's cozy, you can get away, unplug, eat, and enjoy whoever came with you.

The right picnic spot could be a gamechanger.

Take a look at these places and plan your picnic accordingly.

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