It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen Mr. Party. I would run into him during events at numerous places in the Lansing area and it was always a pleasure.

Mr. Party is Luther William Brown Sr., a lifelong Lansing resident. He would show up at any random place at any time in his dapper tuxedo, carrying roses and a camera. I don’t know what cologne he wears, but it’s one you don’t forget…one whiff and you know Mr. Party is around! Bars, clubs, concerts, indoor & outdoor events, parties, restaurants, sports centers, wedding receptions…..Mr. Party hits ‘em all.

He would sell individual roses at different prices…some rocky relationships got smoothed over thanks to a Mr. Party rose.

I always enjoyed talking to him…he always had a smile, a handshake, and good conversation. I haven’t seen him for a number of years, but I hope to run into him again someday.

Five years ago, Mr. Party made headlines for another reason entirely…he was robbed at gunpoint while at a gas station. An admirer of Mr. Party started a "gofundme" page and soon had enough to replace the money that was stolen. More fans, admirers, and lovers of Mr. Party pitched in some cash and soon the amount needed was exceeded.

When interviewed by the Lansing State Journal, Mr. Party publicly stated for others not to search for his attacker… he has no bitter feelings toward him and just leave the man alone.

In 2022, Mr. Party - "The Ambassador of Celebration" - will be 70 years old and shows no signs of stopping his appearances of friendship and good will. He’s been doing this now for over 37 years and assures us there will always be a “Mr. Party”.

He said in the LSJ, "I realized a long time ago that I was conceived, loved and brought forth with a purpose. My purpose is to do what I'm doing. While it's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice."

Mr. Party - Luther William Brown Sr. – is, and always will be, a Class Act.



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