One of Jackson’s legendary heroes is not a human…nor an heroic dog, cat or horse. It’s a chicken…rooster, to be exact.

His name was, appropriately, Mr. Chicken…and he passed away in the line of duty, protecting his harem of hens.

But let’s get a little backstory going…In the winter of 1996, this rooster got left outside in bitter cold until his feet were so frozen & frostbitten, there was no way a vet could repair them. Local veterinarian Tim England took this rooster under his “wing” and requested a pair of prosthetic legs for the rooster, whose legs had to be amputated. Makeshift legs were made with acrylic by a physical therapist which fit over Mr. Chicken’s stumps perfectly. Newspapers and magazines got ahold of this local tale and spread the word all over the country, making Mr. Chicken a celebrity…even other countries like England and France were sending letters of support and admiration.

Now the BAD news: Mr Chicken died in the line of duty while protecting the other chickens in the pen…he was most likely mauled to death by a raccoon who had invaded the chickens’ home. Mr. Chicken was buried behind the Crossroads Animal Hospital – with his prosthetic legs on – and a gravestone was placed in his memory.

If you wanna pay your respects to this fallen, local, heroic chicken, you can do so by visiting his gravesite at the hospital.

Take I-94 heading east out of Jackson; then take exit 142 (US127) heading south. Get off the Michigan Avenue exit, turn right, then turn right on Dettman Rd which goes back over I-94. Once you cross the bridge, the hospital is on the left, at 3232 Dettman Road. Mr. Chicken’s gravestone is on the right side of the building around the back.

Be respectful…..and no KFC jokes.



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(Updated 05-27-2020)



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