Yep...a haunted junkyard.

That's what many locals believe they have on their hands with the Auto City junkyard in Mount Morris, just north of Flint.

According to, just like you've seen in some movies, this junkyard is rumored to have been a popular place used by professional hitmen to dispose of bodies as far back as the 1980's. Thanks to the allegedly numerous bodies that were unceremoniously dumped here, the place became haunted with the spirits of the victims.

Motorists who drove by at night reported hearing screams coming from the junkyard, long after the place had closed. The local police department received calls from motorists who saw human figures standing by the road, as if they were seeking some kind of assistance; when the motorists stopped, the figures were all of a sudden GONE.

One police report states a motorist thought he hit someone who was standing by the road only to discover there was nobody there and no damage was done to his vehicle.

The current owner of the Auto City Junk Yard is aware of these so-called ghost stories and hauntings; therefore, the yard usually closes before it gets dark.

SO MUCH FOR THE LEGEND...but is all this true? 

A former owner said there were NEVER any bodies found in the junkyard, but says a previous owner was murdered by his wife's lover, a case that was even featured on Court TV. He was killed in his office, which nowadays is a paranormal activity hotspot....weird noises, doors slamming, etc.

Either way, feel free to visit...daytime preferably. The owner seems to be willing to share the paranormal experience tales and possibly allow investigations.

If you decide to investigate at night, ALWAYS make sure you get permission, otherwise you risk legal action. There is heavy police traffic in the area...SO GET PERMISSION.

Auto City is located at 7092 N. Dort Hwy, Mt Morris.

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