There is actually a dog named 'Leonardo DogVinci.'  Other unusual names for dogs are Vader, Pixel, Meatball, and even Chiquita.

Those are some of the more unusual names that showed up on dog licensing forms last year.  The most popular names are Buddy and Bella.  They've been at the top of the male and female names lists for several years.

Max, Charlie, Cooper, Jack, Toby, Rocky, Bear, Buster and Duke also made the top ten list of male dog names for 2016.

Behind Bella, the top female names were Daisy,Lucy, Maggie, Sadie, Sophie, Gracie, Zoey and Chloe.

The treasurer's office annually collects dog names from licensing forms and ranks them in order of popularity. It releases the list partly for fun and partly as a way to remind owners that their dog needs to be licensed.  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.


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