This is the weekend where my wife Lori and I plan on hitting the road to check out beautiful holiday light displays.

The Lansing area is pretty much a hot spot right now for holiday lights. It seems as if people are spending a lot more time decorating their homes to get into the holiday spirit.

With all of the negativity going on these days, it's just nice to be able to get into your car and go for a drive to check out Christmas lights. (Lansing State Journal)

It's time to check out Lansing and East Lansing neighborhoods with incredible light displays:

1. Moores Park. On just about every street near Moores Park, you will find decorated homes that look just beautiful. Check out both sides of S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, between W. Mt. Hope Avenue and Moores River Drive.

2. Old Everett. I know this area very well since I grew up in the Lansing area. In the Old Everett neighborhood, take a drive to S. Pennsylvania and S. Cedar Street along E. Cavanaugh Road. Light displays in that area are simply wonderful.

3. Groesbeck. The Groesbeck neighborhood between E. Grand River Avenue and Lake Lansing Road along Wood Street, is the area to check out for great lights.

4. Whitehills in East Lansing. The Whitehills neighborhood between Abbott Road and N. Hagadorn Road, north of E. Saginaw Street has incredible light displays waiting to be seen. Pebblebrook Lane is another spot in Whitehills to check out.

5. Pinecrest. The entire Pinecrest neighborhood is an excellent spot for holiday light displays. (Lansing State Journal)

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