According to mlive, yeah, more snow is on the way.

Here's what they're saying:
"A storm center will move across far southern Lower Michigan Wednesday night and Thursday snowfall forecast from this next storm system.....a 1" to 2" snow over most of Michigan, with a stripe of 2" to 4" of snow through central Lower Michigan."

They go on to say that the storm is still 36 hours away and to keep checking updates.

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And even though it should be warm enough to be mostly rain, "The rain will be transitioning to snow in western and central Lower Michigan at 8 p.m. Wednesday. There should still be some warmth on the roads, so it would take a few hours before snow sticks to roads in the snow areas."

Any rain we get would more than likely change to snow between 11pm Wednesday night and 2am Thursday morning.

So, we'll havta wait and see if this forecast is precise. Keep your fingers crossed...we all know how fickle Michigan weather can be and it could change for the better!!