According to the Lansing State Journal, more people died on Michigan roads in 2020 than the year before and the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have been a factor.

The state recorded 1,031 traffic fatalities last year, compared to 962 in 2019, even though traffic was down significantly because of pandemic related lockdowns, according to preliminary crash data from Michigan State Police.  (LSJ)

At this point, the 2020 numbers are being analyzed.  We should be able to get the final figures sometime around April.

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There are so many things to look at when you're traveling down Michigan roads and highways.  All drivers should drive at posted speeds, but you know how that goes.

Other causes of traffic accidents can be driving too fast in snow and braking too quickly.  You should always slow down when it's snowing and take your time to get to your desired location.

People died in fewer crashes with far fewer vehicles on the road suggests driver behavior changed.  (LSJ)

A Michigan State University professor said that 2020 was such an odd year and it's a fairly difficult issue to investigate.

The Lansing State Journal reports that traffic volumes fell by more than half in the weeks following the state's first lockdown orders, then leveled off about 18% to 20% below normal for the rest of the year.

Police and other officials felt that the open roads encouraged some people to travel at excessive speeds.

I think we see this all the time when driving down highways and other roads. So many drivers ignore speed limits and decide to travel at unsafe speeds.  Not only does this make it unsafe for us, but it makes it unsafe for drivers exceeding speed limits.

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