Monroe Center has been referred to as a ‘ghost town’, ‘shadow town’, and a ‘forgotten town’. It was settled in 1859 and, once upon a time, had a bustling downtown with many businesses, as you can read about HERE.

South of the former downtown area sits the Monroe Center Cemetery, which – if you believe rumors -  holds a piece of an old Odawa Native American legend.

Children of the Odawas were told of a “bear walk”. The legend says that any tribe member who has learned the ways of “bad medicine” can change his/herself into the form of any animal they wish. When this person does not assume the shape of an animal or stay in human form, they become a ball of light. This ball of light has been seen within this old cemetery floating from tree-to-tree and even on the ground.

Is this 'ball of light' someone of the “bear walk” or something entirely different?

I do not profess to be knowledgeable on Native American lore & legends…this is something I came across and I’m passing it along to you.

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