There's no better time than now to ask for extra money from the 2020 Lansing budget to help youth organizations battle violence.

This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time now and something needs to get done as soon as possible.

Our Lansing Mayor is stepping up for local youth organizations in the Lansing area, by creating more opportunities to mentor children and teenagers.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

This need for funding stems from an increase in violence in Lansing and across the country., Andy Schor said. Already in 2021, 17 people have been killed in Lansing, compared to 22 in all of 2020.

We all know there has been too much gun violence in the Lansing area for quite some time now. With extra money being using from the Lansing Police Department's 2020 budget, better things can happen for our local children and teenagers.

Some of this money can be used for local sports teams. Lansing could start organizing extra softball teams, basketball teams, or whatever sport they can think of to keep kids off the streets .

This will help by building friendships and self esteem.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

Jeff Scheibel, the president and CEO of the YMCA of Lansing, directs one of the organizations receiving funding. He said the timing couldn't be more perfect.

There are several youth organizations that will receive extra funding from the city of Lansing to help out with summer day camp, extra sports leagues, and so much more.

There is too much violence taking place in the Greater Lansing area and a lot of that violence involves the use of guns.

We are on the right track and hoping to make things better in all Lansing area communities in the foreseeable future.

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