Over 500,000 monarch butterflies are set to make their annual migration this fall. As these majestic monarchs begin their trek down south to Mexico, their journey will include a stop right here in the Mitten!

Yooper TV station WLUC reports the monarchs are expected to make a pit stop at Peninsula Point in Delta County.

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Monarch expert Opal Hoffmann told WLUC,

They’re pushed down the peninsula with north winds. That’s usually how they get here. Typically, they would roost in the cedar trees overnight and then they’re gone the next morning

The monarch population has been making this trek for centuries. Every year between the last couple week of August and the first few weeks of September these beautiful butterflies begin to appear in the Bay De Noc area to rest and recoup during their five week journey down south.

During this time it's not uncommon to see mysterious, moving clouds in the sky. Before the era of instant cameras, the Michigan DNR would receive calls about twisting, atypical clouds floating across the sky. The DNR thought it was a hoax until photographic evidence showed it was actually hoards of monarchs making their migration! What a sight that must be.

Unfortunately, monarch butterflies were added to the endangered species list earlier this year so it is extremely important that they reach their destination safely. Once in Mexico, locals will celebrate their annual arrival with traditional festivals. The monarchs will then hibernate for the winter in Mexico before making their annual trek up north in the spring.


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