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Getting harder to be a parent and trying to punish your kids, by teaching them a lesson.  One West Michigan Mom found out the hard way.

Julie May of Grandville, took her daughters I Phone 6 away back in April after her daughter got in trouble at school.  Shortly after that Police showed up and she found herself in Jail facing charges of misdemeanour larceny.  Yes, this really happened.

The 15 year old daughter apparently got the whole ball rolling when she called her Dad, who is divorced from her Mom, and said that 'Mom took her phone'.

May said that she was just being a Mom, a concerned parent, she got taken to jail anyway.  Mays ex-husband filed a complaint saying that he owned the phone.

So here is a Mom who was trying to teach her daughter a lesson, the same thing all parents do (or should do) , and she wanted her child to know that if you misbehave at school not only will their be consequences at school, but at home as well which is why she took the phone away.

Jodie May was immediately freed on bond but faced up to 93 days in jail.  However the Prosecutors say that as  the Mothers trial was to start Tuesday, they determined the girl owned the phone which changed the case significantly.

This is the world we live in now.




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