In Michigan’s thumb area is a 5,000+-acre slab of land known as the Minden Bog, the last true raised bog in Michigan. Located within the Minden State Game Area, it’s a wetland that at one time covered 30-square-miles…but it’s still large enough to show up as a dark blotch on satellite maps…and it’s not a place you want to enter by yourself..

If you enter this area by yourself, you can easily get lost as there are no landmarks to identify…no public facilities, no buildings and only a few trees along with many deer trails, bushes, weeds and wildflowers. It’s difficult to keep any sense of direction.

If you DO decide to visit and wander around, take a friend and a compass. The best times to go are at dawn and dusk which adds to the creepiness of this place…and people still get lost here. It’s almost as scary as getting lost on the English moors…but at the same time, it’s a fascinating place to observe.

Take 69 east, through Flint, to Imlay City. Turn left (north) on M-53. Take it approximately 54 miles to Deckerville Rd. and turn right. Take it all the way into Deckerville and turn left (north) onto Ruth Rd (Main St.), located right in the middle of town. Take Ruth Rd about 6.5 miles to Palms Rd and turn left. Palms will end where it seems to curve. Park your car, and you will see a path that leads to a footbridge which crosses the Black River. Cross over, walk a couple of hundred yards and you will be transported into the bog.

As I mentioned before…take someone with you. A flashlight is a good idea if you go at dusk, for you may not find your way out by yourself…



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