If anyone lived at least within a 50-mile radius of Eaton Rapids, they knew about Miller’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Dennis Miller began making his own hand-cranked ice cream in 1896 and delivered it all around town on his bicycle. His ice cream became so popular, Eaton Rapids was being called “The Ice Cream Capital of the World.”

I remember going to the Parlor during the 1960’s (at the corner of S. Clinton and Mill Street) to try some of their ice creams with unique names…especially the pickle ice cream. And when man landed on the moon in 1969 they served up the “Apollo 11 Sundae” and the “Sea of Tranquility Float.”

I may not be remembering this correctly, but didn’t Miller’s jump on the Beatle bandwagon in the mid-1960’s with some kind of Beatle ice cream? I know other places served a “Beatle Nut” ice cream and I thought Miller’s did as well.

After opening approximately 30 ice cream parlors in Michigan and Indiana, Dennis died in 1953 at the age of 83…the business shut down in 1985.

The current Miller Parlor is located behind the Miller House (635 State Street, Eaton Rapids) in the former ice cream factory. It resides on seven acres where you can find many historical items and information that is being preserved and brought to the public’s attention. The Miller’s 3,500-square-foot home has been restored, with the factory once again cranking out ice cream in a parlor open to everyone. Not only that, but you can visit a museum and find out more history in Eaton Rapids that most people aren’t aware of.

And it deservedly has a Michigan Historical Marker, proving how vital the area was…and still is.

Find out more about the historic Miller Farm and the Eaton Rapids Historical Society by CLICKING HERE.

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