Jackson's Michigan Theatre is indeed an historic building... monument... structure... whatever you want to call it, it's indeed historic and best of all, still standing!

Here are TWO videos for you to peruse: the above video is a number of years old and still shows the renovation of the theatre...today, it looks 1,000% percent better and is still being renovated......the video below shows an updated, much clearer and pristine video on the Michigan Theatre as it is now.!

The theatre opened on April 30, 1930 and according to it's website, "The building’s exotic Spanish style, lavish interior plasterwork, ornate polychrome terra cotta facade, carved walnut furniture, plush wool carpeting, heavy damask draperies, stained glass light fixtures, and oil paintings entertained the patrons as much as the attractions on the stage and screen."

And recapturing that atmosphere is what has been an ongoing task for quite a number of years. Click the above & below videos and take a look...!