Once a Michigander, ALWAYS one.
Many staters who decide to move out of this great state - for WHATever reason - miss, crave, long, want and get sentimental over the Michigan things they left behind.

Onlyinyourstate.com has yet another list of this type...some of these you've seen, others possibly not. They call these the Michiganders' "11 Undying Habits".....

1. Using hands for maps.
2. Drinking Vernors to cure a bellyache.
3. Lakes/water draw you like a magnet.
4. Giving directions by minutes, not miles.
5. Ordering "pop" when you dine out.
6. Craving/missing coneys, pasties, and Faygo.
7. Rootin' for the Detroit Lions.
8. Lookin' for "Michigan Left" turn lanes while driving.
9. Any mention of Ohio gets your dander up.
10. Leaving the house prepared for any type of weather.
11. Longing for / missing Michigan at least once per day.

To read extra descriptions of all eleven of these "Undying Michigan Habits,"

Can you think of any others?

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