It's amazing to know that millions of people really enjoy gambling.  I've been to Las Vegas twice and all my time was spent on gambling, losing money, winning money, eating, and then more gambling.

People right here in Michigan alone, love to gamble.  Gambling is not for everyone but let's be honest, who doesn't love winning money when it comes to placing a bet on your favorite sports team.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Lady Luck is shining on Michigan as the state's rollout of legalized online gaming and sports betting dazzles in its few months of life.

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The Detroit Free Press said when the switch was turned on Jan. 22, Michigan bested all other states' efforts.

In fact, the amount of money wagered on sports was more than $300 million in February, the highest for any state's first full month.  (Detroit Free Press)

Elisa Richardson, spokeswoman for New Jersey based BETMGM, which operates BetMGM Sports Lounge at MGM Grand Detroit and its app for its sports betting, praised the gaming board for authorizing nine operators to launch online sports betting, or both online gaming and sports betting, at the same time. (Detroit Free Press)

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan has had the biggest launch of online betting of any state.  Michigan launched multiple operators on the same day, which helped online gaming and sports betting get off to a good start.

I'm sure that a lot of gamblers enjoy betting online these days so they don't have to drive to any local or far away casinos.  You can just stay home, watch a movie, pop some popcorn, and place a couple of bets on the next big game or two.

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