According to the Lansing State Journal:

Online gambling and sports betting celebrated a big launch in late January.  The Michigan Gaming Control Board announced operators had collected $42.7 million in gross receipts in the first 10 days Michiganders were allowed to place bets from home.

Even though millions of people enjoy gambling no matter what time of day, there is the fear of people being addicted to gambling.  I've read information about this and know that this is a sensitive subject matter.

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Lansing State Journal adds:

The next month, calls to the Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline spiked.  There were 563 gambling addiction calls placed to the helpline in February, more than five times the number of calls placed in February 2020.

I've never really been much of a gambler and that does include online gambling too.  The biggest reason is because I personally don't like throwing away money and I wouldn't want to become so involved in gambling where it could cost me thousands and thousands of dollars.

Lansing State Journal tells us more:

For every call to the help line, there are likely 10 people dealing with a gambling addiction, said Jim Loree, a mental health and addictions therapist at the Lansing Institute of Behavioral Medicine.

I remember my first time gambling in Las Vegas back in the '80s when I placed a one hundred dollar bill down a black jack table, then the dealer gave me a black jack and I won $150.00.

That's all it takes to get started.  When you win, you'll want to keep playing because you know there's a good chance you'll keep winning or losing, and that's the scary part about being addicted to online gambling and sports betting.

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