Michigan is loaded with peninsulas: the Keweenaw, Upper Peninsula, the Thumb, the Mitten, and various little shards of land that just out into the Great Lakes up and down the Michigan coastlines. But there is one in particular that has been referred to as “Michigan's Lost Peninsula.”

Why 'lost'? Mainly because it's stuck in Lake Erie, surrounded by Ohio. The remainder of this peninsula is in Ohio and the only way to get to the Michigan mainland by car is to go south thru Ohio and back up to Michigan.

Michigan's Lost Peninsula even has its own sign, announcing that very name. Officially, the land is part of Michigan's Monroe County and is considered a part of the state town of Erie. The peninsula only has one public establishment, Webber's Restaurant and Lounge. The remainder of the land is closed off to the public, with over half of it residences, a private marina and plenty of water. About 140 people live cramped on this land.

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This weird land ownership was a result of  the 1835 Toledo War, where Michigan and Ohio were fighting for ownership of Toledo. After the skirmish, the state border was set which cut straight through that peninsula, making the top half Michigan's and the rest for Ohio. This resulted in the land with no connection to Michigan's mainland.

If you visit, you'll see a concrete marker with 'Michigan' on the front and 'Ohio' on the back. Other than the restaurant and marker, there's no other reason why you should visit unless you have a boat in the marina or know someone who lives there. Otherwise, the history behind it is the only reason left.

Take a look at a few photos below.

Michigan's Lost Peninsula


Lost Rock, Douglas Beach/Saugatuck

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