Michigan has more than it's fair share of animals, creatures, beasts...and predators.

The smaller predators we have include coyotes, bobcats, lynx, foxes, and snakes. The larger ones are the ones to be more cautious with.....

Of the approximately 17,000 black bears in Michigan, 90% are in the U.P. They rarely attack humans, but don't let that fool ya. Mess with 'em, and you'll find out the hard way. And especially when cubs are around...they will climb trees to get to you. It's your food that they smell and are after. So limit your food when in the woods and tie your garbage way up in the trees. Scroll a little further down and check out the video of a couple who came across a black bear crossing the road, checking them out!

Michigan's cougar population declined around the year 1900 but have been seen time to time, not just in the Upper Peninsula, but in the lower as well. Spotting one is rare, but their existence has been confirmed by the Department of Natural Resources...and any Michigander who has confronted one will back that up. If you scroll below, there's an incredible video (the one titled "Cougar Encounter") of a man who was confronted by a female cougar while in the woods...ya gotta see it!

Black wolves and gray wolves have been seen in Michigan's Mitten, although not as common as in the U.P. Some observers mistake coyotes for wolves, but if you actually see a wolf, there'll be no mistake about it. It's been confirmed that wolves are re-colonizing in the lower peninsula.

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