Have you ever been to Copper Peak in Ironwood, Michigan? Copper Peak is a ski flying hill which was built back in 1969 and inaugurated one year later.

So here we are in 2023, roughly 53 years later, ready for Copper Peak to make a huge comeback.

According to mlive.com:

With $20 million from the state of Michigan, Copper Peak is embarking on a plan to reopen as both the only ski flying hill outside of Europe - ski flying is a lot like ski jumping, but the distances are longer and harnessing the wind plays a bigger role – and the only ski flying hill in the world with an all-season surface, so jumps can happen in the summer, as well.
I'm sure that ski flying is very thrilling at the time, and it's quite often compared to ski jumping.
Would I attempt either one of these events? Absolutely not! If you're not a professional skier, why take the chance. You have to be well trained as a skier in order to do something like this.
I love watching ski jumping and ski flying events. Leave it to the experts who actually know what they're doing.
Would you like to know about the largest ski jumping hills that are used in Olympic competition?

The largest ski jumping hills used in Olympic competition are typically between 120 meters and 140 meters in size. The two largest ski flying hills in the world are 240 meters. Copper Peak is 180 meters, the sixth largest ski jump in the world.

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