Since the Governor announced the Stay At Home order, many people have had a lot of time on their hands. Some did crafts, others tried cooking and baking and then there are those who just wanted a drink, alcohol or pop. It's been awhile since you have been able to return them to get your deposit money.

According to the Michigan Department of Treasury, beginning on June 15th you will be able to return your bottles for cash, not just at recycling facilities but at retailers. There will be daily refund limits (sounds like an episode of Seinfeld).

The department said that retailers re-opening their bottle return facilities must make sure that those places are in compliance with all state-mandated safety protocols and restrictions, and that includes the most recent state-mandated safeguards to protect workers.

Any retailer with bottle return areas that are located in the front of stores or other areas must make sure that those vending machines require minimal or no person-to-person contact.

Some of the new restrictions limit the number of beverage containers that may be returned by a single individual but per day the deposit return can't be more than $25.00

The Michigan Department of Treasury has said that during the initial phase of retailers opening up these facilities there must limit the volume of weekly returned bottle containers.

I have a friend who has amassed such a huge pile of returnables, I think he might be able to pay cash when they are all returned and then buy himself a Cadillac.

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