A few years ago, who can ever forget that wacky time in history that we called “lockdown” or “shutdown”. Yes, it was a fun time guaranteed for all.

Now that’s sarcasm.

There was hardly anything we could do without having to mask up or shop via the internet. We couldn’t even go out and have some fun: we weren’t allowed to visit movie theaters, certain restaurants, grocers, or even amusement parks where we could mindlessly forget about the whole freakin’ thing.

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One such amusement park that shut down during this fiasco was Michigan’s Adventure Park in Muskegon. As we peruse through the photo gallery below, we see the lonely admission booths, the skeletal structures of empty roller coasters, the bare parking lot, the pools of water with nary a wave or ripple, water slides with no water, the empty Ferris wheel, bare mini-golf, the woods that you might not have known were even there, silent & still games, and no sign of kids making out behind the concession stands.

The Shivering Timbers roller coaster looks like a giant sea serpent, lying in wait.

I will say that the park does look very colorful from the aerial view…and another great thing: NO litter. At least, I didn’t see any.

Still shots from drone footage are seen in the gallery below, showing most of us a view of Michigan’s Adventure as we’ve never seen it before…..looking like it could be eternally peaceful – until the gates open once again, releasing a flood of tourists and kids.

Michigan's Adventure, Closed During Lockdown


The Empty Halls of Lansing Mall

Inside the Closed Lefere Forge Plant, Jackson

Deserted Stone Farmhouse, Somewhere Near Cadillac


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