The importance of knowing text abbreviations and what they mean BEFORE you send them cannot be overstated. Do you know what SMH is in 'text speak'? What about BAE, IYKYK, AFK, and NSFW? These acronyms are among the 40 most searched texting abbreviations in Michigan. Let's take a look at the importance of using the right abbreviation, what each of these acronyms means, and how to save yourself and your fellow Michiganders from sending an embarrassing text or email.

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A Reddit thread entitled 'My Mom thought “LOL” meant “Lots of Love” and it made for some comical texts', is the perfect example of why we all need to make sure we know what the acronyms that we send mean.

Hey, Michigan: Are You Sure Acronym Means What You Think It Means?


Let's take a closer look at the tale of Redditor Ztormiebotbot's mom and her ill-informed use of LOL, thinking it meant "Lots of Love",

For example. If someone died in the family she would send “Auntie Name’s Funeral is at 6pm on Wed. LOL”.


Or, the time I told her I got fired and she sent “LOL”.


Or, just the random “LOL” text at 3pm.


I finaly told her what it meant, and her face dropped. She said that she has a lot of apologizing to do.😆


This demonstrates perfectly the need to know what those abbreviations are BEFORE YOU SEND THEM. Let's face it Michigan, we find enough ways to embarrass ourselves WITHOUT using misunderstood text abbreviations.

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