Here are eleven places & buildings that have been abandoned in Michigan:
1) The United Artists Theatre Building (Detroit)
2) St. Agnes Catholic Church (Detroit)
3) Packard Automotive Plant (Detroit)
4) The Town of Fayette, Michigan
5) Prehistoric Forest (Irish Hills)
6) Northville Psychiatric Hospital
7) Keystone Bridge (Ramsey)
8) Southwest Michigan Tuberculosis Sanitarium (Kalamazoo)
9) Belle Isle Zoo
10) Michigan Central Station (Detroit)
11) Bay Shore Road Bridge (Escanaba River)

The creepiest ones here are numbers 1, 2, 8 & 10. 10 looks like something straight outta "Ghostbusters"!

Many of these Michigan ruins are still trespassed by thrill-seekers who claim to be "ghost-hunting"'s a sad-yet-fascinating look at what used to be. Even though these buildings and places are decrepit and crumbling, should they be torn down? They're obviously too far gone to be renovated (money-wise, you know) but they are still interesting to visit.

To read about these places and to see pictures of them all, click this link to: