You've heard of Stonehenge...but have you ever been to Michigan's "POLEhenge"?

You might be quick to say 'no' but chances are, you have been...MANY times.

"Polehenge" is the cutesy name someone has dubbed those 30+ poles standing by themselves in a field just east of 127, about 9 miles north of St. Johns, below the intersection of US127 (S. Bagley) and E. Wilson (just north of Uncle John's Cider Mill). They've been there for many decades, with people driving by time & time again, wondering what the heck they were for.....a pole barn that never got completed? That's my guess.

It's also been called 'Owens' pole barn', more than likely after the person who started to build it but never finished. The abandoned home next door very well could have been the home of the person who dropped the idea of construction (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

Some stories say the land was too swampy and construction had to be scrapped; another tale says the builder didn't have building permits and was fined by the county so he just stopped cold.

At any rate, it's nothing sinister, nothing astrological, nothing left by aliens, not an old sun dial or ancient clock, nothing meant for's probably just the simple remains of an unfinished pole barn. But do we know for sure?

The next time you drive by (and you probably will), take some pics and hang onto 'em...ya never know when someone might decide to rip 'em down.

Enjoy our state...there's SO MANY things to see and do!

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