You’ve seen photos of it.
You’ve read about it.
You’ve probably even taken pictures of it.

It very possibly could be the most notorious structure in lower Michigan.


This 147-foot tall structure has been talked about, reported on, the winner of structure contests…and is known to this day as a lovable tower that most local people are proud of.

It’s located at the intersection of Washtenaw Avenue, West Cross St. and North Summit Street in Ypsilanti….on any given day you’ll see SOMEBODY stopping to take photos (“the folks back home won’t BELIEVE this’un!”).

This tower (intended to generate electricity and supply the area’s water) was built way back in 1890 out of limestone, with the construction crew obviously oblivious as to what they were erecting…if they had ANY clue what people would be snickering about well over 100 years later, they may have either scrapped the whole thing or added a few extras to make it look different.


At least nowadays most Michiganders embrace this water tower as a stop for sightseers and tourists that visit our state. Ironically, it sits on the ‘highest point’ in Ypsilanti.

The urban legend that has been going ’round & ’round for decades states that if a virgin ever graduates from UM (doesn’t necessarily say if it has to be male or female), the tower will crumble…

If you take a look at the photo gallery above, you’ll notice you can spot it from quite a distance away…

Visit soon!

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