I've been drinking soft drinks from as far back as I can remember. My very first soft drink was an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Since then, I've enjoyed many varieties of soft drinks, including Pepsi, Tab, Sprite, 7-up, Fresca, Vernors.and so many more.

Vernors is one of my favorite soft drinks because it has a very unique taste. So what does Vernor taste like?

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Vernors has somewhat of a tangy, ginger flavor, a little bit of vanilla and major carbonation. And that's why I enjoy drinking Vernors.

Did you hear the great news? Vernors first new flavor in decades will be in stores this week for Michiganders. The new flavor is "Black Cherry" Ginger soda.

According to mlive.com:

The new flavor, which is not replacing Vernors ginger ale, will be available for a limited time only for people living in Michigan and Toledo. According to Beth Hensen from Keurig Dr. Pepper, this is the first flavor variation of the ginger soda in more than 50 years.

So the next time you visit Kroger or Meijer, pick up a 12-pack of Vernors new black cherry ginger soda.

Whenever my wife and I go to the movie theater, we'll order a big bucket of popcorn, along with two soft drinks. My wife usually orders a diet Coke and I always choose Vernors.

I really enjoy soft drinks and I order them all the time. Especially when my wife and i go out to dinner or even to a summer concert in Michigan.

Here's a fun fact about Vernors, courtesy of mlive.com:

Vernors is one of the country’s oldest sodas. Created by James Vernor of Detroit, it has been around for 156 years since it was first served to the public in 1866, according the Detroit Historical Society.

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