We have been writing stories and warning folks all year about all the scams going on in the country and of course right here in our state of Michigan. Here is one of the latest saying they are from the IRS. I have been getting a lot of it, some on my phone and especially with emails.

I just got one email this week claiming they were from Fed Ex and I had a package that was waiting to be delivered.  They wanted me to enter my address and some personal info to verify it was me, it even had a Fed Ex logo on the email, beware of those.

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Here Is The Lastest Scam

Well, here is another one to look out for. They are employment scams, these are on the rise in Michigan according to fox47news.com and the better business bureau. Remember, If a job sounds too good to be true, It probably is.

Many of the job offerings pay a lot of money for easy, at-home work,” said Phil Catlett, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan. “But once the job is complete, people find out there is no pay and the

whole thing was a scam, or they were helping scammers victimize others all along.


Do your Homework

If you are skeptical about a job offered to you, verify the job by calling or going directly to the actual company’s website, and of course, you should check it out at the the Better Business Bureau bbb.org.

Careful and good luck job hunting.

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