We in Michigan don't realize that we have an accent...we think anyone from out of state - or even up north - have an accent......but no, NOT US!

Well, yes we do.

We sloppily pronounce words because some are too difficult or we're just too lazy.
Proof? Here goes.

40 Terms That Prove Michiganders Have an Accent

The Michigan accent is subtle, but there are certain words and phrases that set us apart from other states. We've put together a list of terms that prove Michiganders do in fact have an accent.

...also, most words that end in "ing" become just plain "in" and many, many others.

Okay, okay, not ALL Michiganders talk like this...but a lot of us do, ME included! And I've heard EVERY ONE of the above 40 terms uttered by Michiganders!

How bout choo? Goddenny suggestions? Let's hear 'em!

Find out more fun stuff about how we Michiganders use & abuse the English language on wanderwisdom.com by CLICKING HERE!


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