Can you imagine going out to dinner and then finding out you won the Lucky 7's Fast Cash Jackpot worth around $350,000?

Why does this sort of thing always happen to someone else and not you or me? Can you imagine how much fun this Kent County lady is going to have with all that cash?

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What's the most amount of money you've ever won playing the lottery or for that matter, going to a casino?

For me it was landing on three 7's in a row playing the slot machines at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. How much did I win? To be exact, $300.00.

That's a far cry from winning close to $350,000. What amazes me is that this nice lady was out to dinner and found out then and there that she was a big jackpot winner. tells us how it all happened:

“I was out to eat and decided to use the $50 I had in my purse towards a couple of Fast Cash tickets,’” said the winner, who chose to remain anonymous. “I thought I was reading the ticket wrong when I saw I’d matched the number 55 to win the jackpot. I had the waitress look the ticket over for me and when she confirmed what I was seeing we both started shouting.”

So now the winner can laugh all the way to her bank as she enjoys her new $350,000 fortune.

Come to find out, she came to Lansing to claim her prize and decided to remain anonymous. (smart thinking)

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I was going to tell you where she purchased her Lucky 7's Fast Cash Jackpot ticket, but then I thought, what are the chances of that happening for a second time to somebody else?

Here's the crazy part of this whole thing, I could spend years and years buying lottery tickets over and over again and end up winning nothing. The odds are never in your favor. The odds always favor anyone else but you or me. Best of luck!

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