When the pandemic began last year, many in the Michigan UFO community said they were seeing a growing number of UFO sightings across our state.  Was that because more people were working from home and spending more time outside?  Was this just satellites being spotted?  Or, were we being visited by aliens while the pandemic spread around the world?

  Michigan UFO sightings.

Over the weekend, an American Airlines Pilot, who was flying the passenger plane from Cincinnati to Phoenix , was heard in his radio transmission claim that an unidentified object was flying right on top of them.  The pilot was looking for anything that would validate that is was not a UFO, but nothing was else flying around them.

The UFO mystery deepens.

It wasn't that long ago,  if you mentioned you saw something in the sky that looked like a UFO people would have thought you were a crack pot.  Now, more people are taking that more seriously, especially when you have pilots 'not denying' possible UFO sightings.

Michigan has been a bit of a hot spot for UFO reports.  The Upper Peninsula is always an active area and so is the Lake Michigan coastline.  In fact it was more than 25 years ago that strange lights filled the sky along the lake Michigan shoreline and extended some 200 miles.  So many people witnessed those lights, including law enforcement, that once all the calls started flooding in to 911 operators, people started taking it seriously.  To this day, those lights and how they showed up remains an unsolved mystery.

Michigan has its own Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), this all-volunteer organization was founded back in 1969.  The group says that it is " the world's oldest and largest civilian UFO investigation and research organization."

Full disclosure, i have seen something I could not explain in the sky.  It was around  in the morning and I was driving from Owosso to South Lansing.  Going down the highway, it looked like a street light had been installed .  I even said out loud to myself,  'what idiot would would put a street light there"...as i got closer, that light flew straight up and then flew off sideways at an incredibly rate of  speed.  When I got to the radio station, there were reports from all over mid-Michigan and West-Michigan , others saw what I had seen.  That did not make me feel any better, in fact it totally creeped me out.

If you are out and looking up at the star's, that could be a satellite  you're seeing,  or it could be something from out of this world.

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