If you were to come driving through this town in the middle of an autumn night, this would creep you out.

It’s like something out of the Stephen King novel/movie, “Children Of The Corn”…..corn stalks, scarecrows, and effigies stuffed with straw line the downtown streets…staring with dead eyes at anyone who passes by…..

However, the truth is less scary, especially when you’re there during the light of day. The scarecrows are put there by various town businesses as a way to raise money for charity. It’s a great idea and looks pretty darn cool.

Buchanan lies in Berrien County, was named after our 15th president, James Buchanan, was platted in 1842, became an incorporated village in 1858, and is nicknamed “Redbud City” thanks to all the redbud trees that line the streets.

So, if you wanna enjoy the scarecrow displays, take a drive over there someday this fall. However, if you wanna get really creeped out and get a good Halloween spine-shiver, drive through downtown some night around 3am…

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