Here it is: your own little Michigan Thanksgiving Roadtrip.

Plan on a few days for this little jaunt, as your points of interest are places in Michigan with names that are connected with Thanksgiving!

Stop #1:
Start your journey from the little road of PUMPKIN LANE in Pinckney.

Stop #2:
Head west across the state until you get to Highway 69. Seven miles north of Marshall is the famous TURKEYVILLE. What would a Michigan Thanksgiving Roadtrip be without it?

Stop #3:
Keep going westward, go south of Kalamazoo, and head to Portage. There you can take a minute to drive across PECAN AVENUE.

Stop #4:
A way northward is Holland. There you'll find a little avenue called THANKSGIVING DRIVE. A few seconds on this road and it's over.

Stop #5:
Head somewhat southeast and end up at Potterville. There you can enjoy a basket of gizzards at GIZZARD CITY.

Stop #6:
Head a little northward into Lansing. Just off Mt. Hope Road, east of the Grand River, is the MAYFLOWER CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Photo op!

Stop #7:
Get on 127 and head north into Clare County. A little ways above Harrison and east of 127 is CRANBERRY LAKE. Take a rest at the park, then head out again.

Stop #8:
Head west and go underneath Traverse City until you get to Benzie County. On the west side of Crystal Lake is a little community called PILGRIM. Grab some road munchies and continue.

Stop #9:
Go back east to I-75 and head north to INDIAN RIVER. Gas up, eat, rest, visit the Cross In The Woods, and go.

Stop #10:
Go over the Mackinac Bridge. Take US-2 all the way over to Baldwin Township in Delta County, and 23 miles north of Escanaba is POTATO LANE. You have made it to the end! Your Michigan Thanksgiving Roadtrip is over! However, there is nothing to see on Potato Lane, so go back home.

You realize this is for novelty purposes only, right?
If anyone actually attempts this, I'll be surprised.

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