The world of virtual school can be tough for students and teachers, but this Michigan teacher is making the most of it.

Margaret-Ann Wommer is a teacher in West Bloomfield at Frankel Jewish Academy. She was facing the same issues all teachers were when it was announced that her school would be going to online lessons. How do you keep a group of kids engaged during a pandemic? Well she used some of her theater background to get creative, and come up with a genius solution.

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Wommer said that she felt sad for her students when the news came down that her school would be virtual. "I wanted to do something to encourage excitement about coming to class" she added. So she decided to look for some inspiration on how to make the lessons exciting for her students.

Wommer is a self described "Theater Gal" so her ability to play the part is definitely there. She explained that her idea inspiration came from her mom, "I was actually inspired by my mother’s past antics as a retail district manager and Girl Scout leader."

So when you add in a theater background, a creative mom, and strong leadership skills you only have one problem left . . . money.

How, during a pandemic, is a teacher supposed to pay for everything needed to execute these awesome costumes? We all know that too many teachers are forced to come out of their own pockets for essential school supplies already. So where would the money come from for the costumes? Wommer has an answer for that too.

The ideas for costumes honestly come from digging through every closet and craft bin in the house, and then finding a background image to suit afterwards. My goal is to not spend any money... though I’m currently over budget by $3 for the thrifted tablecloth that serves as my green screen

Listen. I know that nobody is thrilled about virtual school, but I want to nominate Margaret-Ann Wommer for teacher of the year. Anyone that can take such a huge roadblock, and turn it into a such a fun and positive experience for the students, is more than deserving!

Check out a few of the costumes she has used below, and make sure to support your kids teachers during the pandemic. They are going through the same thing we are, only with two times the struggles when it comes to school

Check Out The Michigan Teacher Making Virtual School An Adventure

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