I'll tell you what gets confusing some of the time, not knowing what rules to follow and what rules not to follow.

According to WILX, schools across Michigan are once again trying to figure out what student safety rules they must follow after the Supreme Court ruling trashed the Governor's executive orders recently.

I'm still confused by some of the current mandates as well.

One local school Superintendent said "MDE communicates, then your local Health Department weighs in, the lawyers weigh in, and because we all want to do the right thing for our students, we're not sure who we're suppose to follow." (WILX)

One teacher said "I think it's more than confusing. We've read four different legal interpretations of the Supreme Court decision and they all differ a little bit."(WILX)

This sort of reminds me of having a baseball coach or any coach for that matter. If a coach asks you to work on one thing to improve in that sport, that's fine. If your coach asks you to work on 10 different things all at once, that's just going to shut you down.

For now, the health department has advised schools in their district to just stay the course. That's the plan for most schools.

"Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued its own emergency orders. They require all students to wear masks." (WILX)

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