Last July we covered how Sara Holden, a professional stunt driver & actress was attempting to do the stunt in Traverse City, but couldn't acquire the permits to pull it off, and instead shot a stunt in River Rouge, Detroit. It turns out the car flip was for an upcoming short film that she just released called #momlife. The movie shows her setting up for her daughters birthday party, when she forgets her daughters present and has to go home to get it. On the way there, she calls her Ex-Husband (Dipsh*t) only to find out he got the same present, so it's a rush back to the party.

She finally revealed what the car stunt was for as it's a major part of the short film, that you can see below. back when the stunt was pulled off, she gave a lot of love for the people have supported her:

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I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to follow me on this epic journey. I'm a professional Stuntwomen born and raised in MI. Very few Stuntwomen get the opportunity to turnover a car so instead of waiting around fir a call I would most likely not get, I decided to create my own opportunity and flip my own car! It took over a year to plan and prep the entire production but I'm happy to say it was a huge success.

Professional stuntwoman Sara Holden self funded her own short film and very first piperame. The entire film was shot in River Rouge, a suburb of Detroit.

WMU Grad & Michigan Stunt Woman Sara Holden's Detroit Car Flip

Sara is not only a courageous stunt woman but a wife, mother of two, and an actress as well, as she has appeared in shows like CSI, Castle, Strain 100, Chicago PD, and Halloween. She's also a graduate of Western Michigan University


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