What is going on with Michigan State's basketball team? The answer: Too many turnovers causing frustration and it's not getting any better.

I was watching the Michigan State basketball game Tuesday night while bowling at Spare Time Entertainment Center and I couldn't believe some of the turnovers I was seeing during the game against Illinois.

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Max Christie and Tyson Walker alone had 3 turnovers a piece in Tuesday night's game. Had it not been for the sloppy turnovers, most likely MSU would have won it.

And talk about a frustrated Michigan State basketball coach.

Here's what Tom Izzo had to say courtesy of mlive.com:

"I've bitten off my tongue, my tonsils and everything just trying to keep my cool on some of the ridiculous turnovers," Izzo said afterward. I know they're not trying to do it, but I know that that is the difference in this team right now.

I think we all understand Tom's frustration because we're all seeing it from wherever we choose to watch the MSU basketball games.

Coach Izzo would like to see less turnovers and better plays throughout the entire game.

Mlive.com adds:

But this team is on pace to have the program's worst turnover rate in nearly a decade. And a close evaluation of those turnovers shows that most aren't a result of the fast break. Many are the result of mental errors making the problem ever more vexing.

It basically boils down to this, stop the crazy turnovers and play better basketball. Your fans are counting on you to pull through this rough stretch of basketball so you can start winning more games. GO GREEN!

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