What in the wide world of sports is going on lately with our Michigan State Spartans basketball team?

Sure in the last several games, turnovers have been killing us on the basketball court. But lately, MSU is losing more games than winning games and coach Tom Izzo has been looking frazzled trying to get his team back on the right track.

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Did you get a chance to watch the game against Penn State? What happened? MSU had a 14 point second half lead and we still lost the basketball game.

According to mlive.com:

After breaking a two-game losing streak on Saturday by beating Indiana, the No. 19 Spartans (19-6, 10-4) went back in the loss column with one of their more frustrating outings of the season. The loss dropped them two games behind first place Illinois in Big Ten Standings.

And guess who we play this Saturday at the Breslin Center? MSU will battle Illinois at the Breslin Center and tip off time is 12 noon.

I used to coach a little basketball in Okemos and really enjoyed it. The one thing I would stress to my basketball team over and over again, is to be strong with rebounds, shooting and passing.

In theory, the team who is strongest on the boards at both ends of the court, usually end up winning the basketball game.

I think Michigan State has a really good basketball team, but they really need to work together as a team and be stronger under the baskets. Too many times when I watch from home, I'll see so many missed opportunities for MSU players to take shots and then nothing good comes out of it.

MSU did play a bad game at Penn State but I have a really good feeling about this Saturday's home game against Illinois. GO GREEN!

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