Many Michigan schools are struggling to find new teachers. There are even schools in Michigan offering a $10,000 sign on bonus.

What it all boils down to is being more aggressive and coming up with better approaches to fill Michigan class rooms with the right people for the job.

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The statistics don’t differentiate between full-time certified teachers and full- and part-time substitutes filling regular positions, and the Michigan Department of Education doesn’t track job vacancies in schools.

When I think back in my Jr. High and High School days, there was no such thing as a teacher shortage. In fact, we had too many teachers and not enough time in the day to get all of our home work done.

At this point in time, Jackson Public Schools are in desperate need of new teachers. And currently, Jackson Schools are offering a $10,000 sign on bonus that will be paid out in three yearly installments.

This isn't just happening in Jackson, there is a serious teacher shortage all across Michigan and schools are having a difficult time finding teachers to fill positions. adds:

“The teacher shortage is a crisis, and everyone needs to understand the impact of that on our children,” Orr said. “It is going to get worse, and we know this by studying the number of individuals enrolled in teacher prep programs.”

I keep wondering if some Michigan schools will just pay more money to find reliable substitute teachers who can get the job done so our children get can the education they deserve? also tells us:

With fewer new teachers completing university programs and current teachers moving to other districts or professions, Michigan schools face a changing and competitive landscape in attracting new teachers and retaining the ones they have.

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