Why is it so hard for people to understand how very important it is to wear a face mask? I still see it all the time, people not wearing them. This is about everyone's safety.

According to WILX, Michigan reported its biggest increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases in nearly two months.

Governor Whitmer actually pleaded with people to wear face coverings in public, saying it can reduce the chance of spread by about 70 percent.

Even MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo along with MSU women's coach Suzy Merchant joined the governor during her televised news conference to help push mask wearing for everyone.

"The state health department reported 891 new COVID-19 cases, which was the highest number since May 14." (WILX)

We all know someone who is not taking this seriously enough, and those are the people who should be doing so by wearing a mask to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Governor Whitmer said that Michigan is at a turning point and we're trying to hold on to staying in phase four, which most regions of the state are in right now.

Right now the numbers are on the rise and we need to get them down all around. If the numbers keep going where they're going, it's going to be very difficult and we may very likely have to take some steps backwards.

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