Taking the term treehouse to a whole other level, one Airbnb in Michigan will let you live just like a park ranger lookout perch, and all.

You can gaze out over a 65-acre farm and pretend you are a park ranger for a day in this super cool Airbnb located on the west side of Michigan in East Leroy. the unique treehouse cabin, that's not actually attached to a tree, but sits in a white pine forest, has all the amenities inspired by a forest ranger lookout.

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From high above you can gaze out the 15 handcrafted windows for miles in each direction. The space isn't real large, measuring just 14 x14, but it's loaded with all the comforts you need for an awesome adventure. Guests will find a queen-size bed, a comfy chair, small table with 2 chairs, a buffet cabinet with a bar sink, a small refrigerator for drinks, and a coffee maker. You'll have to rely on the gas grill and firepit for cooking meals.

If you're worried about "roughing it" too much, the Outpost Treehouse offers some needed modern perks such as air conditioning, furnace, a private bath with a shower, hot and cold running water, and solar power for the interior lights.

If you have a larger group looking for a unique night away, the Outpost Treehouse also has an additional sleeping area with a new "glamping" tent. Think camping with a few extra perks. Guests can enjoy staying in a 12x14 platform tent that has windows on 3 sides, a front door with a screen, and 2 beds.

The goal of staying at the Outpost Treehouse is to bond with nature. Guests will be able to catch a glimpse of deer, wild turkeys, and more, but if the whole nature scene gets to be too much, there's free Wi-Fi.

Rates start around $140 per night. To book your park ranger adventure click here. Take a  look at the Outpost Treehouse below.

Ready to Live Like a Forest Ranger? Stay in This Michigan Outpost Treehouse

Ready for a really cool adventure? This unique treehouse cabin on Airbnb comes with all amenities inspired by a forest ranger lookout. Although it may look rustic,  it has all the modern amenities--Air conditioning, furnace, private bath with shower, and hot and cold running water. There are even solar-powered interior lights. For larger groups, there is additional sleeping in the very cool "glamping" tent. Check out your next Pure Michigan adventure!

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