Is it me or does it seem like every time you turn on the news whether it be on the radio or at home on your TV, there's always a crime or attempted crime being committed somewhere in Michigan?

It's a known fact that crime has gone up ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The question is, why?

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So picture this, you're at Menards doing some shopping and all of a sudden as you're about to get in your car to go home, two men with guns threaten you and try to take your car keys, not a good picture right?

That's exactly what happened to a man in Kent County right here in Michigan.

Here's what had to say:

A 59-year-old Kentwood man was in the parking lot of Menards, 5555 Clyde Park Ave. SW, in Wyoming around 7:08 p.m., March 14, when two people tried to carjack him, the Wyoming Department of Public Safety said.

Two men not only pointed guns at this innocent man, but they also assaulted him for no apparent reason.

How can you not feel bad for this Kentwood man who was minding his own business and then gets attacked by a couple of idiots? And no one has any idea who these two teenagers are.

Long story short, the man is fine but was knocked to the ground and they did take the man's wallet and just ran out of the parking lot.

The two teenagers are still on the run and police are looking for any information that could lead to an arrest.

This makes me so angry when I think of innocent people out and about doing a little shopping or what ever and then something like this happens.

I'm sure the 59-year-old man was shaken up a bit but he is doing fine. He had a few minor injuries.

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