Not to long ago, a woman from Ypsilanti won a million dollars by matching five numbers in the Michigan Lottery Powerball Jackpot.  I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how excited she was and that she couldn't believe it.

Let's now add another person's name to the million dollar winners list. The man's name is James Porter, who is from Flat Rock.

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According to

"I checked my phone around 1 a.m. after the drawing and saw a winning ticket had been sold in Michigan," Porter said.  "I stopped and made a wish that I would win $1 million before checking the numbers.

Either the force was with this man or he was just flat out lucky enough to become a millionaire over night.

Can you imagine the feeling you would get after realizing that you matched all 5 numbers drawn on the luckiest day of your life?  I think I would laugh, then cry, and then scream with excitement! also adds:

"When I looked over my ticket, I checked the numbers one-by-one, forwards and backwards a couple of times.  Then, I just started crying because my wish had come true."

Who wouldn't cry at that point.  You would never have to work again.  You could do just about anything and yes, at that point, you could start living the dream. tells us:

The 50-year-old Porter bought his winning ticket at the Flat Rock Oasis gas station, located at 26102 Telegraph Road in Flat Rock.

Does this mean if I make a wish that I could win $1 million before checking all the numbers, I would become an instant millionaire?  Not sure about that, but it did happen to James Porter.  Congratulations James!

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