As I've mentioned in other “Michigan Main Street” galleries, nothing epitomizes a town, village or city like a Main Street does. It gives the visitor an idea of what to expect in the rest of the community.

If Main Street is lined with old buildings that were built over 100 years ago and they're still in good shape, you know the town has pride and wants to keep that friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

If Main Street's old buildings are mostly empty and crumbling with very little – if any – people downtown, it could be that the community is still dwindling away, with no available budget for upkeep.

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Main Streets are where you'll find the mom & pop shops, the little small stores that depend on the locals and visitors to keep their businesses going. The mom & pops are also the friendliest establishments you'll find downtown...the larger, corporate businesses and/or franchises that you find on the outside of town just don't have that same charm.

Another good thing about locally owned small businesses: many times you find items that you can't find anywhere else. Maybe that favorite candy you loved as a kid but can't find anywhere...comic book stands, bulk foods, and more. Main Streets got 'em.

And, oh yeah...LOTS of antiques that past generations have left behind. There are many of these shops on small town Main Streets.

So take a look below at a gallery of fifty more Main Street images from various Michigan towns, villages, cities, and communities from 1900-1920s! When you're done, come back and take a look at Gallery 1 and Gallery 2!

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