In our smaller cities the snow removal issue may differ from Michigan's larger cities.

In Lansing and Grand Rapids the snow removal laws will be enforced.  Residents must clear their sidewalks within 24-hours of accumulating snow.  The fine for not removing snow is a minimum of $149 dollars and the fine goes up from there.

Cities are obliged to notify home owners and residents of their duty to clear off their sidewalks.  They will be notified in person, by mail or the notification will be posted on their property.  If the snow is not removed, a third party will be hired by the city and you, the homeowner will have to pay that fee.

Not clearing off your vehicle before you hit the road can also result in you paying a fine.  The law in Michigan states that your vehicle must have anything that could impair your line of site removed.  That means that drivers must be able to see out of their rear windshield and side mirrors, they must be cleared of snow and ice.

The auto removal law is also to protect other cars.  If you had to break quickly any ice that might be on the car can slide off  and the car behind you That could even cause a windshield to break or even crash.

Bottom line, if you are a homeowner or driving your car, both need to be cleared off   This is for your safety and the safety of others.

  More about fines in Michigan and Lansing snow clearing facts.

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