Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services rolled out their new 'Facing The Flu Together' campaign today.

The announcement was made during a Covid-19 update press conference hosted by Gov. Whitmer today. The MDHHS is hoping that the new campaign will help to fight the spread of the flu this fall. In turn, making it a little easier on the entire state as we battle our way through the Coronavirus pandemic.

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According to the MDHHS, just over 3 million Michiganders get the flu shot every year. The goal of the new campaign is to increase that by more than one million people in 2020. Governor Whitmer not only talked about the importance of the flu shot, she received one during her press conference today.

Every flu-related hospitalization we see this season will put an additional strain on Michigan’s economy and our health care systems and hospitals. Our hospitals are still reeling from the spring COVID-19 hospitalizations and are working to prepare for a potential second wave of the virus. I encourage everyone to get their flu vaccine, and tell your friends and family to do the same

The full details of the new campaign can be found on the State of Michigan Flu website here. You can also find answers to flu related questions, and numerous ways to decrease your risk of getting the flu this season.

The flu was not the only thing that Governor Whitmer announced during her press conference today. She also brought great news in the way of a donation from IKEA to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic in Michigan.

I'm sure that this will all be politicized, but hopefully the common sense truth will cut through the party lines.


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