Wild kangaroos in Michigan? What the heck is that about?

More than likely, the majority of these ‘roo sightings are escaped wallabys or kangaroos from zoos. There are people in Michigan who have kangaroos as pets, so having them in our state isn’t such a stretch.

But there are urban legends of other 'roos that are said to have evil-looking faces. It sounds like some kind of put-on, but sightings of ‘phantom kangaroos’ have been seen around the world…and even in Michigan. These beasts look like your basic kangaroo, except for the following differences: they are giant and have fangs, or teeth like a dog’s. Rumors include a giant kangaroo that killed and ate some Tennessee police dogs back in the 1930’s. 

A few years ago, a couple reported an incident in the Mona Shores area along Lake Michigan. Around 11pm one night, some sort of creature came out of the bushes. It was the about the size of a full-grown deer, except it leaped like a rabbit. When it reached the shoreline it stopped, raised a paw, turned its head and stared straight at the two. The two just froze as they looked at the creature, noticing it had what appeared to be the face of a “hell-hound”. They ran back to the car and later reported the incident.

So, it seems there are legit 'roos in Michigan, but the reports of devilish, “evil ‘roos” could be caused by fertile imaginations.

Your thoughts? Ever come across a Michigan wild kangaroo? Check out the pictures and videos below, including one where a Michigan family found a wild kangaroo in their back yard!



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