I can honestly say that I've been on two Michigan islands, One of them is Mackinac Island and the other one is known as "Beaver Island."

Both Islands are found along the shores of the Great Lakes. Mackinac Island is one of my favorite Michigan Island's

I've spent the night on Mackinac Island several times over the years. The first time I stayed there was during a 4th of July weekend. My family and I stayed at Mission Point Resort and really enjoyed it.

We all got to watch the 4th of July fireworks on the Mackinac Island beach, the exact same time fireworks were going off over Mackinaw City. It was a pure Michigan moment, that's for sure.

The other Michigan Island I've spent time on is called "Beaver Island." This Island is roughly 25 miles off the coast of Charlevoix.

Beaver Island is well known for some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. If you want to relax and enjoy a great Michigan Island, this one is for you.

Courtesy of michigan.org:

It is the prime vacation for those looking to come back refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Residents joke that it is always 3:00 pm on the island, because the only reason to keep time here is to make sure you get to Daddy Frank’s Ice Cream Shop before it closes. Just north of Beaver Island is Garden Island, perfect for a day trip. The uninhabited island is for experienced hikers only, where they can hike through thick cedars, towering maples, dark canopy and along bright rocky beaches.

If you ever get the chance to go, please take it. It's an amazingly beautiful Island!

Speaking of Island's, I think next summer my wife and I are going to check out Grand Island. This island is loaded with cottages, ice caves, and lots of woods. The next time you head to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, choose the Grand Island as your next destination spot.

If you would like to check out more Michigan Islands, michigan.org can help out.

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