Beware Michigan! With tax season comes criminals attempting their unique blend of tax fraud. The latest attempt prompted an official release from the IRS.

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It seems some ingenious identity thieves have contrived a plan that actually entices you to call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That's right, this scam is so brilliant in its attempt to steal your personal information that it makes you call the IRS.

Beware of Brown Envelopes and Empty Refund Promises in Michigan

SCAM ALERT: IRS Warns Michigan Imposters Offering 'False Refunds'

Here's how the scam works. You receive an official-looking letter in a brown envelope, complete with IRS masthead, saying you have an 'unclaimed refund' waiting for you. Imagine your excitement upon reading that the US government owes YOU money!

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All you have to do to collect your refund is prove you're sending...the IRS...a picture of your identification. Here's a quote from the actual scam letter request:

"A Clear Phone of Your Driver's License That Clearly Displays All Four (4) Angles, Taken in a Place with Good Lighting."

What, exactly, is a 'Clear Phone'? The kicker is, they want you to email them this information, to an address that is CLEARLY NOT the IRS.

"You'll Need to Get This to Get Your Refunds After Filing. These Must Be Given to a Filing Agent Who Will Help You Submit Your Unclaimed Property Claim. Once You Send All The Information Please Try to Be Checking Your Email for Response From The Agents Thanks"

Let's face it. Grammar aside, the IRS already has the information these scammers are asking you to provide for this mysterious, yet convincing, unclaimed refund. Don't be fooled into sending this information and DO NOT CALL the phone number on the letter, that's not the IRS's phone number.

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